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Creative Commons severe flooding, Photo By U.S. Department of Agriculture, Licensed Under Public Domain Mark 1.0

Liberal U.S. Senator Made His 100th “Climate Change” Speech On Senate Floor

On Monday, Rhode Island Senator Sheldon Whitehouse gave his 100th “Time To Wake Up” climate change speech on the Senate floor, ranting about the supposed dangers of it. He gave his first climate change speech in 2012 and probably has spoken about the issue more than any other senator.

While he and liberals may find the feat impressive, I don’t care for it. To me, it is more like 100 speeches on exaggerating about the sky falling with doom and gloom “science” that has been proven debunked countless times.

And don’t forget, this was the same senator who blamed Republicans for the 2013 tornados that ripped through Oklahoma. What’s even worse was he never really apologized for it, but apologized for the “timing” of his accusation.

This goes to show that whenever someone doesn’t agree with him on this issue, he returns with the “you’re a science denier, you caused that tornado” rhetoric. The least he could have done was apologize for blaming a tornado on conservatives but didn’t have the class to do so. And have these climate change alarmists forgot the term “mother nature?” Humans can’t create or diminish a tornado, thunderstorm, blizzard, or any other weather phenomena. It is completely out of our hands, so don’t be fooled into believing anyone who blames you for extreme weather events, just because you don’t support a man-made climate change hoax.

So don’t forget this: Senator Whitehouse and his supporters do not care for the environment. They care about growing the size of government with more regulations. His 100 speeches are nothing more than 100 chances to fool people to support his agenda, and then blame weather catastrophes on anyone who doesn’t support him.

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Mitch Behna is a Tea Party Conservative and is currently an editor and writer/contributor for Wayne Dupree.

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