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Liberals on Twitter call for drone strikes against Bundy ranch

twitter-lynch-mob-rectangle-eyebrowsThanks in large part to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s irresponsible rhetoric calling supporters of the Bundy ranch “domestic terrorists,” a number of liberals on Twitter are now calling for drone strikes against the Bundy ranch, despite the fact that such a strike would also kill innocent women and children:


These are just a few of the tweets Infowars’ Paul Joseph Watson discovered, and yes, there are more — many more.

Watson added:

Of course, it’s virtually inconceivable that the White House would launch a Predator drone strike against U.S. citizens, Harry Reid’s “domestic terrorist” slur not withstanding, but the mere fact that self-proclaimed liberals are openly calling for Bundy supporters to be massacred provides us with yet another chilling insight into the warped minds of statists.

In February 2011, this writer first noted that liberalism, at its core, is an ideology of rage and hate.

Since then, liberals have proven that assertion correct on just about any given day, calling for the death of Republicans and conservatives.  They even went after a six-year-old boy during the 2012 election after a video featuring the lad went viral.

Now, angry that the standoff in Nevada didn’t end in bloodshed, some actually want the Bundys killed in a military strike.

And yes, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev, is responsible.


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