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Like A Boss! Trump: Hillary Started Birther Movement; I Finished It [VIDEO]

Here’s Donald Trump at the end of his D.C. Event this morning saying:

“Hillary Clinton started the Birther Controversy” in 2008, “and I finished it” (he got Obama to produce his Certificate of Live Birth). Trump then made the definitive statement that Obama “was born in the United States. Period.”

Trump had maneuvered the liberal media into televising multiple Medal of Honor winners, and other military leaders as they endorsed Trump!

The media won’t let this alone, will they?

Hillary Clinton needs to own up to the fact that her campaign came up with this birther nonsense back when she was running against Obama! But being the lying sack of crap that she is that will never happen!

I remember very well that Hillary Clinton brought the issue out during her campaign against Obama. A few months later Donald Trump called for a birth certificate to be shown, and then it was a copy of one, not the original certificate; leaving many to question the authenticity of it. Hillary Clinton will pull anything to stop Trump, and the liberal news networks do all they can to help her.

Trump ended it today. The less it’s repeated and talked about the faster we can move on to something more important, like jobs, the economy, and all the other mistakes that have to be corrected. After January no one should worry about where O. was born. By that time who will even care. New era, new start.

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