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Lil Wayne RIPS ABC Reporter Black Lives Matter Question: “Don’t Come At Me With That *****”

Why does it matter if Lil Wayne supports the Black Lives Matter movement? It’s ridiculous that a reporter would even bring it up during an interview. Is that the litmus test these days, answer the question yes, and you are ok with the black community. Answer the question no, and you are ostracized?

Lil Wayne did his best to answer the questions of this ABC interviewer but when she asked him would he have a problem with his daughter being called a “b**ch or a h**” he got agitated and later cut the interview telling the young lady, he’s no politician.

“From there, there was no thought put into her questions and my responses,” he told TMZ.

Honestly, I am not connected to the Black Lives Matter movement because I will remain to be about bringing people together, not separating them by color. All lives matter to me, and that’s the way I roll.

Lil Wayne has gotten social media backlash for not supporting the Black Lives Matter movement.

What did you think about this interview?

Whatever you think about rappers, Lil Wayne knew what he was saying, and he meant it. He’s not into the political drama, and these young people who don’t want to jump into reality to work on a solution will always be ignorant to the truth and a slave to the liberal agenda, whether they know it or not.

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