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Limbaugh: Cruz’s likeability was problem before Trump started in on him, everyone knows it

When Senator Ted Cruz followers hear what conservative radio talk show host had to say about what GOP front-runner Donald Trump their heads are going to explode.

Limbaugh wanted to be honest to his listeners and told them he’s not carrying anyone’s water but even his friends have problems with Cruz as they see him not genuine, almost like a tele-evangelist to takes money.

He brought up Cruz’s likeability saying people from all over the place are questioning and have been long before Trump said anything about it.

Rush noted that “Trump going after Cruz is normal, it’s understandable, I don’t even think Trump means it, it’s just politics.” He also said he thought Trump made a tactical mistake with the pulling the birther card but he didn’t go too deep into that subject.

Listen to the audio:

What do you think of Rush’s analysis? Do you think he was on point or do you think the Cruz followers are going to go after him?


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