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Creative Commons Rush Limbaugh, Photo By Gage Skidmore ©2010, Licensed Under CC BY-SA 2.0

Limbaugh’s facebook timeline let him have it after he said this

Talk about thinned skin. It was a bad idea and Rush took the side of Cruz Click to Tweet
Let’s get a couple of facts straight here ok? The protesters that carried Donald Trump support signs were not messing with Sen. Ted Cruz at all. They were across the street when Cruz decided to pull over and go greet them.

Nobody knows why Cruz decided to pull over his motorcade and go engage protesters that differed from his opinion what whoever allows him to do it should be fired. Talk about thinned skin. It was a bad idea and Rush took the side of Cruz:

From Rush’s Facebook Page:

If I’m Ted Cruz, I’m frustrated to the heavens at how I’ve been characterized by the Trump campaign and by the media. Lucifer, Zodiac Killer, some of these other characterizations of no fun and serious, all these other insults. And I think Cruz cares deeply about this country and is just as worried as everybody else is that we’re losing it.

Read these responses from his disgruntled followers:

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