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Lisa Boothe takes down CNN liberals on gun control during EPIC back and forth!

Republican strategist Lisa Boothe joined CNN on Saturday morning to speak on a number of issues including gun control and Presidential candidate Jeb Bush “stuff happens” comment.


Lisa was asked about Bush’s comment and she didn’t hesitate to call out Bush for an ill-timed flub, but she quickly directed it back to President Barack Obama and how he’s having an “intellectually dishonest conversation” with the American people about gun control.

“I think it is wrong for him [Obama] to try to score political points at a time of tragedy. He went out and made comments about the shooting prior to actually having any information about the circumstances of the shooting”

Maria Cardona, a political commentator struck back during the conversation challenging Republicans as to not “wanting to do anything” to stop mass shootings!

This is where Democrats demonize Republicans on the national stage in front of their low-information audiences thinking it will resonate with the already false narrative they have laid in place.

Lisa snapped back justifiably letting the host know

“…we have 20,000 federal and state laws on the books and Maria is perpetuating the same intellectual dishonest conversation that Democrats are wanting to have to push their anti-gun agenda in America”

Watch the rest of this EPIC throw down here:


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