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Literally Tied In Iowa. Ernst Vs Braley, Will Iowa Lead The Way For The Republicans To Take Back The Senate?

WAAR DECISION DESK 2014Republican nominee Joni Ernst has a very slight lead over Bruce Bradley (D) in the Iowa midterms. Senator Tom Harkin is a 5 term democrat retiring this year. Both nominees have very different belief systems and backgrounds and it is becoming a very tight race as far as the pollsters at The Huffington Post are concerned this week.

The Senate is split 55 to 45 in the democrats’ favor at this time, but the American people haven’t exactly been the benefactor of a democratic run Senate. A democrat controlled Senate means bigger government and less liberty or personal freedom for the people. The republicans need at least 6 seats to take back the Senate and put America back on the right path.

Iowa’s Senate race is in a dead heat as it gets closer to midterm election time. As of Monday evening there is less than a .3 % separation in the polls in the favor of (R) Nominee Joni Ernst. Iowa and America needs strong conservative leaders willing to stand for the people, their rights and their liberties.

Let’s face it, the elected representatives that live in D.C. have lost touch with the people of the heartland and the mega billionaires are in in it for control and power. Iowa needs a Senator that will allow the farmers, ranchers and land owners to have more control over their own land, stock and crops.

Bruce Braley received an “F” rating from the NRA, on the other hand Joni Ernst is backed by the NRA.

Joni Ernst stated that she would support legislation that would allow local law enforcement to arrest officials attempting to implement Obama Care.

With that thought, Michelle Obama will be campaigning for Bruce Braley this Friday at 1 pm at the #IAVotes Rally At the Drake University Field House, 2701 Forest Avenue, Des Moines, Iowa.

I personally believe Joni Ernst is a fine representative for the people of Iowa.


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