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Liz Mair on using Trump’s wife: “Blame me if you don’t like the ad, but it worked”

I said it before, and I will say it again, this is the cause for the confusion between The GOP front-runner Donald Trump and Sen. Ted Cruz. Her name is Liz Mair, and she is or was an operative for the Marco Rubio campaign. She has also worked along with Carly Fiorina, who is now a surrogate for Cruz.

Mair has taken full responsibility for creating Melania Trump ad and blasting it in… Click to Tweet
Mair has taken full responsibility for creating Melania Trump ad and blasting it in Utah ahead of the caucuses, and she thinks her actions worked to help Cruz win Utah and also hurt Trump in a way he can’t get the GOP nomination.

From CNN interview:

I — absolutely not.  Of course he didn’t.  I mean next thing Donald Trump is going to be out there claiming that it was like the Illuminati or something and that will be just as equally plausible as what he’s claiming here.  No, it’s totally bogus. People can blame me if they don’t like the ad.  The fact is, the ad worked. The ad did exactly what we intended it to do and it’s done far more than that. The reality is that part of the reason that Donald Trump is tanking right now is because he’s bothered spending a week and a half getting pissed off and acting like a toddler having a major meltdown over this ad.

Here she is taking credit:

Mair thinks too much of herself. Cruz was going to win Utah whether Mair was present or not. It’s a strong Mormon area and Glenn Beck played a lot of dramatic overtones during that week.

No Liz, you didn’t have anything to do with it and just because CNN is allowing you to act like you were a Trumpslayer, your actions tore down a woman in a primary state that probably didn’t know anything about it, and you caused the GOP campaign to go through two weeks of attention it didn’t need.

What do you think of Mair and her antics? What should happen? Why didn’t either Trump or Cruz go after her? Why is she being allowed to get away with this? Share your opinions (below) and alert your friends to this video.

h/t – CNN

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