Lois Lerner Officially Held in Contempt of Congress But Will DOJ Prosecute?

It’s been said that the wheels of justice grind slowly, but they do grind. The problem though is when a lawless government has been seated, often justice never sees the light of day.

Since Mr. Obama took office in 2008, we’ve been witness to so many illegal maneuverings that it has been difficult to keep track. Fortunately, Ted Cruz has just released his list of 76 lawless acts by this administration.

Besides, “Fast and Furious,” there has been the infamous “Benghazi” situation, as well as the IRS fiasco. All of these have been labeled “non-events” by those on the left and they have brought out the big guns to vilify those on the conservative side of the aisle that would deign to continue to shine the light on these scandals. Though Mr. Obama promised to have the most transparent administration ever, he has not only failed to keep that promise, but has likely had the most opaque administration ever, or at least in modern times.

The amount of lies that have come from the White House are remarkable and they continue. It shows a true sense of lawlessness that has become the way things are done for this administration. Ignoring the rule of law is apropos for an administration that could very well be fully illegal.

With respect to the IRS scandal, starring Lois Lerner, we’ve heard President Obama declare that there has not been a “smidgen” of corruption there and all the claims to the contrary are obviously the huffing and puffing of conservatives who are desirous of seeing a “conspiracy theory” take flight.

I’m not quite sure how Mr. Obama can be so darn sure that no corruption exists within the IRS since his standard answer for every other scandal has been something along the lines of “I am not aware of that.” A man who occupies the highest office in the land can get away with saying he doesn’t know with respect to one scandal after another, can also state that he knows beyond doubt there is no scandal related to the IRS.

Apparently, President Obama takes us all for fools, because emails have been uncovered that show a direct link to Rep. Elijah Cummings’ office and could also link back to the White House itself. Is it any wonder that Cummings tried so hard to derail Daryl Issa’s efforts to shine light on the hidden activities of the IRS? Cummings has a lot to lose, but that’s another story.

Lois Lerner went before the Congressional hearings and after declaring that she was not guilty, that she had done nothing wrong, went onto claim the 5th Amendment. Amazing how the left – though normally panning much of the Constitution – has no difficulty in using parts of it to benefit themselves.

Trey Gowdy, as a former prosecutor, understood that you cannot do both. You cannot make a statement about your activities and then claim the 5th Amendment. You do one or the other, not both. I’m sure Lerner’s attorneys knew that but likely told her to go ahead with her planned speech anyway. After all, what could Congress do?

Well, Congress did what it was supposed to do in this case. They found her officially in Contempt of Congress. It’s a done deal. She has that on her record even if nothing else happens.

I say “whoopee.” Being in contempt for a leftist is likely a badge of honor. What is supposed to happen now is that the DOJ “shall” prosecute. That means that they are supposed to go ahead with prosecution. They can’t “think” about it, or decide to not follow through. They are supposed to move ahead with prosecution.

But will the DOJ do that? It looks as though things may actually be moving ahead for Lois Lerner and into court she’ll go. But there is a potential problem. It appears as though the prosecuting attorney who will be deciding whether or not to pursue a court case against Lerner is an Obama-appointee. This does not necessarily mean that things will go easy for Lerner, but it could also mean that they will by not pursuing the charges.

John Boehner stated the following with respect to the IRS scandal.

Who’s been fired over the targeting of conservative groups by the IRS? No one that I’m aware of,” House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, said Wednesday. “Who’s gone to jail for violating the law? When is the administration going to tell the American people the truth?

You know what? With all due respect, shut up, John Boehner. You’ve stalled and dilly-dallied around for too long and now you act as though you are a purveyor of truth and want to see justice? Come on, no one buys that at all.

The matter now goes to Ronald Machen, the U.S. attorney for the District of Columbia. Federal law says Machen has a “duty” to bring the matter before a grand jury. But a report by the nonpartisan Congressional Research Service said it was unclear whether the duty is mandatory or discretionary. Machen was appointed to his job by President Barack Obama.

If no court case is pursued by Machen, then it will not only be a slap in the face to law-abiding citizens of America, but it will once again prove that this administration skirts the law as often as possible. Instead of coming out and announcing that because Lerner was found in contempt, the wheels of justice should be allowed to do their work, President Obama remains silent. He does this a good deal, unless of course the situation he’s referring to has to do with race. Then, he’s usually out there peddling his brand of racism.

What we continue to see in Washington is politics. The Dems have come out in support of Lerner because she herself is a Democrat and doing what was wanted by the Obama administration; cracking down on Tea Party organizations while giving free passes to organizations on the left.

It’s clear that the IRS has become the gestapo arm of the Democrat Party. But what’s new?

Will America see justice with respect to Lois Lerner? I’m recommending that no one hold their breath.


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