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Washington has come to a fork in the road

Lost in Washington With Somewhere to Go

It seems these days, everyone in Washington is either lost, or has lost their mind. On one side, Harry ‘Greed’ Reid is making land grabs or on the floor issuing scathing remarks toward sports commissioners asking why they haven’t punished teams for using ‘racially motivated’ team names; while the other side has John ‘Bonehead’ Boehner out mocking those who are on the same ‘team’ as he is.

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What direction is Washington headed? Are they headed down a cataclysmic path toward utter destruction? Or have We The People finally reached a tipping point? The only thing that seems certain today is that there is nowhere to go.

Look, we’ve got some extreme problems we as a nation are facing. We are faced with horrific debts that no doubtingly will continue to cripple the economic growth for years and years to come. We are faced with an ever-growing government that seeks nothing but more power and control. Good, hard-working Americans continue to struggle day in and day out trying to figure out how to make ends meet, while the cronies in Washington continue to spend like there’s no tomorrow.

We’ve got a society that is spiraling out of control. Everywhere you turn, someone is trying to cram their ‘alternative lifestyle’ agenda down your throat. Just the other day, America and the world were introduced to a ‘throuple.’ This goes beyond ridiculous. It wasn’t too long ago that people were protesting the idea of same-sex ‘marriage.’ Rightly so, as their argument was what would be the consequence of the idea? This is the consequence! Now, we are promoting lesbian threesomes? The states and the government don’t recognize plural marriage, so why would any news outlet promote this agenda?

Move on over back to Washington and look at the idiocracy that is leading this country. When our elected officials find it far more important to talk about NFL team names instead of the newly released emails proving that the administration was covering up the Benghazi scandal, we’ve got real problems. When we’ve got the head republican in Washington, Speaker of the House John ‘Bonehead’ Boehner getting out there and mocking conservatives because they think passing amnesty is a problem and that ‘it’s too hard,’ we’ve got real problems. When we’ve got financial fat-cats, media and party cronies promoting the next big candidate as the only chance at saving out-of-control Washington, and who is clearly NOT who the people want, we’ve got real problems.

Look, Washington is lost and right now they are at the fork in the road. Do they continue to stumble drunk down the same path they’ve been using? Or, do they surrender and change course? There is somewhere to go, and sadly it doesn’t look like anyone in Washington is willing to grab the oars and start paddling this big ship around.

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