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Liar Wendy Davis

Lying Liar Wendy Davis: Restraining Order Discovered

imageEric Erickson, editor of discovered a few more tidbits in the Wendy Davis saga. According to Mr. Erickson, Ms. Davis made a legal claim that she had suffered mental health issues. A judge ordered that she refrain from drugs and alcohol twenty-four hours before contacting her daughters. Adding to the sad drama, it was also reported in RedState that her daughter requested Jeff Davis retain custody. It was Mr. Davis that filed a temporary restraining order and require Ms. Davis keep any intimate relationships away from the children between the hours 10pm to 6am.

And the ever classy Wendy Davis was accused of adultery by her ex-husband.

Sounds about right for the leading ‘feminist’ in my state. Get hubby to pay for school. Dump hubby after graduation and lose custody of kids. She is the epitome of the 21st Century modern woman.

I hope my daughters are just like Ms. Wendy Davis. Not.

Legal documents:

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