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Lynne Patton: Give Trump A Chance To Turn Things Around!

Lynne Patton, who has worked with the Trump family for over six years now wants minorities to give him a chance to turn things around.

What HAVE the Democrats done to earn the black vote? Just look at every big city controlled by Democrats. You get black on black crime. Bad schools with no choice. It can’t be about money because all kinds of money pour into those cities. Black in this country as well as other minorities need to give the Republicans a shot. If you don’t like them. Then vote them out. Very simple.

Americans have come to fear even the most routine tasks such as taking a flight, shopping at the mall, going to work and sending our children to school. I truly believe under Donald Trump’s presidency; Americans will be able to eliminate these fears and focus on all the benefits of being citizens of our great country.


Listen up people! Hillary is as crooked as they come, we need to make a stand and get our country back on track!

Total dependence on government is SLAVERY. Democrats who take the black vote for granted and when they get it line their own pockets, hand out benefits to blacks to keep them placated, keep blacks in crime ridden hell holes, provide terrible education while enriching Democrat Union teachers are the very definition of racist bigots. Thank you Mr. Trump for having the COURAGE to point it out.

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