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Made for Hollywood! Watch El Chapo Guzman Disappear From Cell – VIDEO

Mexican authorities released security camera video on Tuesday showing the moment drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman escaped from his cell in a maximum security prison.

I would actually be embarrassed to be part of the policía at this moment. If Guzman’s cell was monitored 24 hours a day, they should have been rushing to the cell immediately when the noticed he never stood up from bending down.

Cheech and Chong would do a better job than this bunch. I mean really, a small house built in the middle of nowhere, but just a mile from the prison? No one thought it a bit odd? Duh.

Mexico Drug Lord Escapes

Forget the escape. There’s all kinds of escapes right here every year. What really gets me is the tunnel it self. Looking at the tunnel unless I miss it, I saw no shoring up of the roof of the tunnel. Also what about the trap door. How did they line up the tunnel with the door. How were they able to put in a trap door IN with out no one taking notice? It just proves that having billion of drug money can buy you just about anything.

He’s probably on the lamb in a sanctuary city, right under the noses of the local police. He might even BECOME mayor if he so wishes, just needs to buy them some cell phones.

What’s crazy is there was a camera in the cell that caught it all and not one guard was able to catch up with Guzman to catch up. He couldn’t have had that much of a head start if the policía was watching the footage? What do you think?

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H/T – AP


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