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Madison Rising- Hard Rock and Patriotism

The rock band, Madison Rising promotes the principles of liberty, independence, smaller government, and personal responsibility. All of their songs reflect these beliefs.

No question, rock music is the raw soul of America. This band hits the mark with their pride, passion, and an ability to mix energetic rock ‘n’ roll with a spirited patriotic message.

Recently, I was invited to hang out with the band at their video shoot for their single, “Hero,” here in Los Angeles, CA. I decided to forego a traditional interview and just kick it as a fan.

My friend, Robert, and I arrived late in the afternoon. The guys had been filming since early morning. As long as their day had been, they still possessed an insane amount of energy and enthusiasm. They work hard, and you can tell they love what they do.


Hard, driving rock and roll and patriotism—what’s not to love? At one point, while I was watching and listening to the band play, I focused on the lead singer, Dave Bray. It was in that moment I realized he was not simply performing; these feelings were genuine.

It is clear Dave is concerned enough about the destruction of our country to do something about it, and for him and the band, it is through their music. Bray served in the U.S. Navy and wanted to continue in both music and as a serviceman.

“It is my firm belief that without God,” he said, “there is no country. Madison Rising, for me, is truly a call back to service…a service that our country needs, in a war our country doesn’t even know exists.”

The band and their promoters show an overwhelming sense of pride. They love everything American: our military, our veterans, freedom, and our right to bear arms.
They have an especially strong following in all branches of the
military, and among veterans, bikers, 2nd Amendment groups and other patriotic crowds along with a great crossover appeal in the country market.


Some people reading this might be too young to remember how depressed our country was in January 1980 (there was very little patriotism and morale was low). Reagan was elected, and he turned the country around. Was he perfect? No. Was He a great leader who loved his country? Absolutely.

Similarly, we did not have a strong leader before Reagan took office. We are divided and broken like no other time in our history. Unfortunately, unless we wake up our youth, this current generation knows only what the media feeds them, which is filled with left wing, biased, pseudo-journalism. As conservatives, we are well aware that our point of view is constantly vilified and twisted by the left. So, imagine what these conservative rockers are up against…


The good news is Madison Rising is re-establishing a strong sense of patriotism, which will go a long way to re-empower younger Americans. At a time when faith in our government and our country is again at an all-time low, it is encouraging to see a band out there reminding us that the core principals of our Founding Fathers should always be held in the utmost respect.

Madison Rising is a welcome sign of hope—a band rising in popularity who have a solid patriotic inspiration and message. They wear their love for our country on their sleeves. Let us never forget what it is like to be young and proud. This talented group of musicians restored what I thought had been lost through the years. image

[Special thanks to photographer Robert Chezem for his friendship and endless commitment to conservative causes, to Rich Mgrdechian, the bands manager, without whom this day would not have been possible and lastly to the Madison Rising band mates A.J., Dave, Mark, Sam and Mike]


Madison Rising will sing the National Anthem for the DRIVE4COPD 300 NASCAR Nationwide Series race at Daytona International Speedway on Saturday, Feb.22,2014 (ESPN, MRN Radio and SiriusXM)

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Look for tour dates, appearances, music and events on the official Madison Rising website here.

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