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Maher calls #BlackLivesMatter “f**king idiots” for attacking Hillary Clinton [VIDEO]

Former first lady and Democratic Presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, called black teens “super predators” back in the 90s and furthermore she supported her husband’s policy of mass incarceration, this is fact.

HBO host Bill Maher had a panel on to talk about this very issue, but the environment got tense Maher took exception to Hillary Clinton fundraiser to question her on her racist language she used back in the 1990s.

“This is where you start the battle? You fucking idiots!”

Hillary is pretending to be a friend to the blacks, yet she was super racist against them in the 90s and when she ran against Obama. There’s plenty of footage of this online. Now all of a sudden she loves the blacks because she needs them to win.

What got me about this segment is Michael Eric Dyson filling up the time with a grandiose inflated praise for the Democratic Party while throwing the Republican Party under the bus as he usually does like a house Negro.

I’ve never liked Michael Dyson as a black man he has always rubbed me the wrong way just like Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson.

Watch the segment here.

What are your thoughts after watching this segment? Share your opinions below in our comments section and give us an idea where you are on this subject.

h/t – Bill Maher/Youtube

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