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MAJOR PROPS!!! Ann Coulter Rails Against Liberals’ Race-Baiting on Hannity

On his show Monday night, Sean Hannity spoke with Ann Coulter about the racism and the narrative she said the media is pushing in order to avoid discussing difficult issues. Everyone would be better off without “white guilt,” Coulter argued — decrying that all liberals want to talk about is racism.

Rattling off a list of foreign policy concerns, Hannity noted that Democrats aren’t talking about any of those issues, “because all they can do is accuse Republicans of racism.” We’ve gotten to a point where everything is deemed racist, he and Coulter agreed. At that point, he aired a montage of “Democrats playing the issue hard.”

These “tactics,” Hannity said — citing “class warfare,” “scaring granny” and the “race card” — are proving effective to a certain extent.

That’s because Democrats are “demagogues,” Coulter argued, “always appealing to a mob, ginning people up with lies and anger.” She then went on to recap some history, including remarking that the Ku Klux Klan was an outgrowth of the Democratic Party.

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