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Mall of America brings suit against Black Lives Matter announced Wednesday protest!

Last year one thing, this year is something else.

Last year, the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement disrupted the Mall of America and the powers that be allowed them too. They want to do it again this year and the mall is fighting back! This happened last year:

The vast majority of those you will find in these malls and other public venues have no interest in debating the issues BLM and the other agitators drum up. The people in these places come to conduct THEIR business, not to be edified, have their consciousness raised or their consciences piqued.

The agitators, BLM, and the rest come to disrupt, to interfere with the comings and goings of other Americans exercising their Rights to Freedom of Movement, Freedom of Association and their Right to Be Secure in their Persons and to create a conflict and terrorize.

There can be no denial that the purpose of their aggregation, their demeanor, and their word is to shock and ‘shake things up’. The protection of our Laws and the security of our Rights are not provided to make us captive targets of agitators and bully thugs.

Fox News Reports:

Black Lives Matter organizers plan to rally at the country’s biggest mall Wednesday to protest the death of Jamar Clark, who was shot by Minneapolis police Nov. 15 and later died. Police have said he was shot during a struggle, but some say Clark was handcuffed.

On Monday, protesters vowed to hold their protest regardless of Judge Karen Janisch’s ruling.

“We’re not going to be canceling,” organizer Miski Noor told reporters. “Us not showing up and us not speaking would be the mall winning.”

The mall wants to avoid the type of disruption caused by a Christmas-time demonstration last year, when thousands of protesters angry over the absence of charges involving police killings of unarmed black men in Ferguson, Missouri, and New York City forced the temporary closure of mall stores. Dozens of people were arrested.

An attorney for the mall, Susan Gaertner, told the judge the privately held retail center was not a place for a protest.

“You demonstrate in places like this, in a courthouse,” Gaertner told reporters afterward. “Mall of America on Wednesday is a place to take your kids to shop.”

The mall lawsuit names the group Black Lives Matter and four people as defendants. It asks the judge to bar a demonstration without mall permission and to require Black Lives Matter to remove social media posts supporting the protest and post notices that it is canceled.

Check out the video report:

Do you think Black Lives Matter free speech allows them to disrupt other’s lives? Share your comments below and let us know what you think.


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