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Man Arrested for Wielding Knife During France Vigil For Terror Victims

As the world mourns with France after a horrific terrorist attack that killed 84 people and injured dozens more, it seems someone wanted to be the center of attention by acting up during a vigil as he drew a machete and tried to attack people.

France President Francois Hollande held a press conference earlier today that where he lauded the first responders for their immediate actions and those who helped stop the terrorist from hurting and killing more citizens.

For someone to do this is not only sick, but it’s also beyond reason.


After travelling to the resort city, President Francois Hollande held a press conference where he praised both emergency responders and the strength of the French community in the face of terror.

He said the attack had come on July 14 because it was “a celebration of liberty”.

“This is why this individual committed this terrorist attack,” he said.

“We are facing a long battle, because we have an enemy who will continue to hate all the people, all the countries, who enjoy liberty, who put liberty as the essential value,” he added.

Mr Hollande went on to say that France had “given a beautiful example to the world” because it had been “able to show unity [and] cohesion”.

“The world is thinking of us and the world thinks that we are a strong country capable to overcome all the challenges,” he said.

Can you believe this? Do you think this is a sign of larger incidents in that region? Do you think it will spill over here? Share your comments below.

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