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Man attacks officer with flag pole shot and killed; Witness say it was murder, this video says different

Here come the racist comments.

A store surveillance video obtained by a Kentucky television station shows a man violently swinging a flagpole at a Louisville Metro Police officer before police say the officer fatally shot him. The video, which was broken down into segments, shows the officer take a few steps forward, pull his gun and appear to call for backup before the man advances toward him swinging the flag pole.

Justified shooting. Anyone who disagrees please sign up to have a metal pole swung at your head while you try to deflect the blows w/your hands!!

Let’s see…the video tells us a LOT about the individual. He has NO respect for authority or people in uniform. He probably doesn’t even understand American culture, so why is he even here? Did you see his hands swinging about, dismissing the police officer as he walked on?

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