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Man chased down this car thief, caught him and drags THUG back by his hair to be arrested

Adam Ingram was unloading groceries inside his house just after 10 p.m. when he went back outside to get the rest. That’s when he spotted this car thug, later identified as Alex Leeper, 23, sitting inside his car.

When Leeper noticed Ingram he left the car and started running, but Ingram immediately gave chase and grabbed the easiest thing he could on the thief…..his hair.

“He had a ponytail. It was the first thing I seen, so I was able to grab the ponytail and snatched him back,” Ingram said. “I had a little speech with him that he shouldn’t be stealing.”

“I’ve been to the gym, too. I been working out lately, so I was able to go get him, apprehend him, and bring him back. He had a backpack in his hand. I made an idle threat. He dropped it and kept running.”

Ingram dragged Leeper back to his house by his ponytail and waited for the police to arrive. Leeper was charged with possession of stolen property.

“To all you thieves, be very careful what you’re doing out here,” he continued. “Sometimes it’s not as easy as somebody carrying you back by your hair. It could be a body bag.”

This shouldn’t be tried by everyone but we commend Ingram for “nabbing his man.” What did you think of this video? Share your thoughts below in the comment section.

H/T – KomoNews

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