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Man Injected With HIV 24 Years Ago By Father; Now Has Say Over Dad’s Future!

Brryan Jackson was injected with the HIV virus as an infant by his father who thought he was not the father. Yes, this world if filled with bad people with bad intentions but this story has a better ending.

Jackson has learned to live his life one day at a time from the time he was a young kid in school being made fun of because of his HIV status. He could have let his trauma define the course of his life, but his outlook is admirable and an inspiration.


From Independent:

The father allegedly told Mr Jackson’s mother “your child’s not going to live beyond the age of five” and refused to pay child support, before injecting HIV into his son’s bloodstream during a visit to hospital in attempt to kill him.

Mr Jackson’s health deteriorated rapidly and he began to suffer from a range of HIV-associated infections, although he was not officially diagnosed with the virus until the age of five. Doctors described his condition as “full-blown Aids” and sent him home with medicine.

He says his entire childhood was lived “one day at a time”, and he was given five months to live after his initial diagnosis. Meanwhile, suspicions over Mr Stewart’s involvement were raised and he was taken in for questioning.

His father was given a life prison sentence in 1998, and in July this year Mr Jackson read out a statement at his parole hearing, saying he felt he had “no connection” to the man who had almost killed him. Mr Stewart was denied parole for a further five years.

After almost two decades of treatment, Mr Jackson now has a high T-cell count, meaning his HIV status is now registered as “undetectable”. He hopes to one day become a father himself through the process of ‘sperm washing’, which prevents the virus being transmitted.

Mr Jackson now travels the world as a motivational speaker, and said he has used his story to inspire others.

This is one of the most awful stories I have ever heard. I can not believe he has managed to rise above and live such a positive life. This man is amazing. Such a positive example for humanity. If anyone ever had a reason to wallow in hate, it’s him. Instead, he has turned it into something amazing. This world needs more people like him!

A father who would do that to his own child is not a human being. Bravo to Brryan for his incredible survival achievement. I wish him well.

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