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Man rushes toward police officer and decides it’s prayer time after he feels of the taser spirit

A 60-year-old man recently found himself on the receiving end of pain after a confrontation with a police officer. After getting out of his car “aggressively,” let’s just say this Pennsylvanian learned the hard way why it’s not too smart to bum-rush a cop.

Video of the incident was posted to Facebook by Bradford County Sheriff Gordon Smith for the world to see.

It all started when Lawtey Police Officer Jay Raulerson was notified by passing motorists of a man who had stopped along a highway’s median and was attempting to flag cars down. However, rather than an expectedly pleasant exchange after pulling up, Raulerson was surprised to see the man “aggressively” get out of his car and point at him.

Things only got worse when the subject charged the officer and gave him only a second to react. Luckily, Raulerson decided to use a less-than-lethal option. He quickly drew his taser and discharged his weapon to subdue the man.

As one would imagine, he went down without much fight, prompting the officer to order the man’s hands behind his back.

According to Live Leak, “After further investigation, the subject was taken into custody for a medical evaluation prior to pursuing any criminal charges.”


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