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Man SLAMS liberal media — Let me tell you the reason why the militia is in Oregon!

“This is happening because we let it,” remarks Bill Bunting, the creator of the video below. Bill just published this video on why the Oregon militia is standing up against the U.S. Government, and if you don’t know the real story yet, he breaks it down perfectly.

Here are a couple of takeaways from the video:

“The federal government is trying to commit double-jeopardy on these two ranchers”

“They (ranchers) went in front of judge, got their sentence, they did their sentence, they got out, you can’t retry somebody for the same thing”

“Men bleed out there on that mountainside, it’s our fault that we let this happen”

“They had to stand up and fight for our rights, I’m with my brothers 100 percent”

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Watch his passionate video below:

Share this video on your social media wall. Spread the truth about what’s happening in Oregon. Don’t be afraid to stand together to help your fellow citizen if you feel they are in the right!


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