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Man with concealed carry permit defends family against shooter with two guns

Thomas McCary of Winton Hills, Ohio used not one, but two different guns to open fire on a group of people following an argument. He’s now under arrest after a man defended his family and by returning fire on McCary.

During a verbal altercation with a neighbor, McCary drew a .38 caliber handgun and opened fire one a woman, her 1 year old son, the woman’s brother, and another individual. The shots also endangered other people in the area.

The woman’s brother, Patrick Ewing (no, not that one), was carrying a concealed firearm. Ewing drew his own gun and returned fire.

McCary was struck once in the leg, however that did not stop his attack. He retreated into his home and retrieved a second handgun. He came back outside, wielding both handguns simultaneously, and resumed firing at the group of people.

Ewing’s sister and nephew retreated to the inside of their home. Ewing stayed outside in an attempt to draw McCary’s attention away from his relatives. McCary eventually gave up the fight and went inside.

Fortunately, despite the hail of gunfire, no one besides McCary was shot. He was arrested by police and is now facing charges of felonious assault.

Police saw Ewing was licensed to carry a concealed firearm.

Sources: Fox 19,

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