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Manafort corrects Stephanopoulos: Trump wins when there’s voting; Cruz wins voter less primaries

The more and more I see Donald Trump’s new guy Paul Manafort on TV the more I like it. He’s serious and straight to the point. There is no nonsense with him or anything he speaks about. He’s all about business and giving pushing back against the media and their agenda.

This morning, Manafort took on George Stephanopolus, and you will be smiling at how he halted the Hillary supporting host in his tracks.

“I want to point something out,” he said. “You talked about Ted Cruz winning delegates –you talked about a couple of places besides Wyoming. Those are not votes he is winning. Those are bodies he is winning… If there’s no second ballot it is much ado about nothing. There are many paths for Donald Trump to get to 1,237 before Cleveland.”

“But if you are so confident about to 1,237 before Cleveland,” Stephanopoulos presses. “Why is [Trump] complaining so much about the rules?”

“He’s complaining about the system,” Manafort urged. “That’s the point that keeps getting lost here.”

“We’re playing to open up the process, to let voters decide. Members of the Republican Party, indpendents, that is who decides who the nominee should be, not the party bosses. That’s the system of the 1920s.”

Watch the video here:

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