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Many Faces of Evil Include Those Who Present False Narratives to Exploit

palestine_lieI recently wrote an article on dealing with the left on Twitter (or other social sites) and how the key strength in those who adopt leftist positions (even if they consider themselves conservative in others) is to find ways to attack the opposition into silence. I pointed out in another article that there appear to be three favorite rules from Alinsky that individuals use frequently in an effort to bring about their predetermined goals and agendas.

What is interesting in many ways is how these people react when they think you are going to put them in a negative light by highlighting the fatuity of their posts. Without even having to reword anything (like the main perpetrator did to my posts to make me appear as though I wanted to see ethnic cleansing of Arabs – her words – in the Middle East), their posts speak for themselves. Maybe that’s also why this same main perpetrator spent some time deleting all of her posts from her timeline (and ultimately mine). No worries though since once you tweet a tweet, it’s there forever. I have screen captured numerous tweets on my hard drive.

antisemitismBut what is the false narrative that these dishonest individuals are attempting to create and broadcast? Nothing less than Israel doesn’t belong in the Middle East. They would deny they are doing this or even want this. Eventually, their lies begin to fall apart and they are seen for what they truly are – liars and not even good ones.

The main perpetrator of the tirade I faced on Twitter yesterday eventually accidentally outed herself as a Muslim. She was trying to be snarky and tweeted that she was just wasting time waiting for morning call to prayer. All the while she had been pretending that she supported Israel’s right to exist and believed there’s enough land for everyone.

She even produced a tweet that would make people believe she too was genuinely concerned regarding the level of Antisemitism in the world today. In truth, it turns out that’s a lie as well. It’s called “political correctness” or “keeping up appearances.” Not only do the tweets on her own Twitter profile give her away, but so do the type of news (and the slant) on her WordPress page. It all reveals her inner focus.

gazanews1Her page is called Occupied Palestine-Gaza Version (above) and there she presents “news” that is decidedly fixated on Israel while being slanted against Israel. To read the stories presented there, one would think that Israel – the only Jewish majority state in the entire world – outdoes every Arab/Muslim state – 49 of them according to Daily Caller – for “terrorism” and trampling over human rights. This is the agenda that these individuals push. At all costs, they must portray Israel as the aggressor, the true terrorist state, the heinous group of barbarian butchers that has no real right to exist in the Middle East.

The individual I’m referring to – who goes by the handle OccPal-Gaza Version on Twitter – presents one “news” article after another that supposedly highlights all the atrocities committed by Israeli forces and doesn’t make national news. Why is that, you might ask? Well, according to these individual, Israel is the “favored” nation constantly receiving a pass for all the terrible things they commit.

BDSI’m not sure which reality these people are living in, but it seems to me that Israel is always being condemned one way or another in the news. Blame is often squarely placed on Israel’s shoulders for just about everything bad that takes place in the Middle East.

israelCurrently, a campaign known as “BDS” has been picking up steam. It stands for Boycott, Divest, Sanction Israel. A growing segment of global society wants this to happen. People want Israel boycotted, divested, and sanctioned. You can see from the tweet from Protect Citizens, he wishes the same thing. These individuals are so blinded by their own hatred and their Antisemitism that runs so deeply through every fiber of their being that they cannot see straight. It’s barely under the surface and it takes nothing to bring that anger to a quick boil.

When Israel defends herself against rockets constantly launched by Hamas or some other terrorist group, the focus is on Israel’s response, not the group that they are responding to in self-defense. Israel is constantly accused of dastardly events and more often than not, the images or videos of alleged destruction and mayhem by Israel, turn out to have been created by Arabs, Muslims, or so-called Palestinians in an effort to shame Israel.

It’s always enjoyable watching a video of some poor “Palestinian” who was injured or killed, then actually gets up and walks away pain and injury free! It’s a miracle! Was Jesus walking invisibly among the crowds?

shieldHere’s an image of an alleged Israeli soldier with the caption saying the soldier is using the young man (beneath him) as a shield. Really? If that’s true, I don’t quite think the soldier understands the meaning of the word “shield.” It actually looks as though he is trying to protect the young man, but who knows? Without seeing the circumstances on a complete video (that hasn’t been faked), we’ll never know.

fake2The object for these true haters is to portray Israel in a terrible light. But doesn’t it seem ironic to you that TINY Israel, surrounded by 22 Arab nations, some with the most heinous human rights abuses going and all people can do is say how unfair, how intolerant, how dastardly and inhumane Israel is to everyone? What about Islamic countries and the way they treat women, gays, or people caught in adultery?

That is patently absurd! See for yourself with the map I’ve included for this article (top). There is itty-bitty Israel surrounded by Arab nations – some very large – and yet apparently, we are to believe that Israel poses such a threat to those neighboring nations that all stops must be pulled out in order to gain the upper hand over Israel. Apparently, it’s a losing battle because Israel is winning? That’s too funny.

This was originally passed off as an Israeli soldier, but the gun is wrong, parts of the uniform are wrong - it's fake.
This was originally passed off as an Israeli soldier, but the gun is wrong, parts of the uniform are wrong – it’s fake.

Wait, is this simply a metaphor for David vs. Goliath? Can you imagine Goliath running home (had he lived) crying about how David had abused him and nearly put a hole in his head? He would be laughed out of the home in disgrace! Yet, here we are in 2014 and we are to believe virtually the exact same thing about Israel and the neighboring Arab countries. They want us to believe that Israel is the bully and these Arab nations are simply minding their own business and only retaliate in response to Israel’s uncalled for and unexpected attacks.

fake4Apparently, there is a dearth of people who are without the cognitive awareness and critical thinking skills to actually believe this tripe.


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