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Marco Rubio nails it! CNN promoted #GOPDebate like a pay-per-view boxing match

“It became clear very early that if you wanted to speak you had to interrupt somebody and jump in.”

That was the response by Presidential candidate Marco Rubio while speaking to Fox and Friends on Thursday morning.

It was more than clear that CNN was prodding the candidates to argue and fight amongst one another. Their gossipy and leading remarks/questions made it more than obvious they were only interested in baiting for a fight. I wonder how they will conduct themselves for the democratic debate.

CNN’s efforts to make the Republicans appear to be High Schoolers worked to a degree – but as the candidates figured it out the manure affixed itself to the network. If CNN doesn’t wish to be responsible then they should be dropped from hosting consideration.

Were you happy with the way CNN presented the debate? How could they have done better? Share your thoughts below in our comment section.

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