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Marco Rubio supports 2004 In-State tuition policy for illegal immigrants and here’s why

GOP Candidate Marco Rubio joined George Stephanopoulos on Sunday and doubled-down on providing in-station tuition for illegal immigrants.

To even the hardest most loyal supporters, this has to be a concern as to how it will play with “conservative” voters across America. As you know, many voters and many new voters are looking to make one of biggest political changes you’ve ever seen during the 2016 election.

Front runner Donald Trump along with Senator Ted Cruz have caught the imagination and rejuvenated a base that were not happy with the direction of the GOP establishment.

Rubio feels he’s justified in making this choice and he’s why he’s sticking to his previous position of free in-state college tuition for illegal aliens

RUBIO: It was a very narrowly drafted bill. You had to have a certain GPA, you had to live in the U.S. a long time, you had to graduate from a Florida high school. It was very narrowly tailored to high-performing students who found themselves in a situation where they were brought here by their parents when they were 5, didn’t even speak another language except English and therefore couldn’t attend college because they were being charged like they were from out of state. They still had to pay for college but they paid for what people paid when they lived in Florida. They had to be high school graduates of Florida.

STEPHANOPOULOS: So you stand behind that?

RUBIO: Yes, of a narrowly tailored bill like that, absolutely.

Watch Rubio answer the question here:

Here are my thoughts, Illegal aliens should be deported. They should not be entitled to go to college while getting a mostly free ride from American taxpayers, which is what in-state tuition amounts to.

Once again, our answer to people coming here illegally is to reward them. Yep that is going to curb illegal immigration

Someone has to say no and now is the time, not later. How do you feel about this? If you are a supporter of Rubio, do you still support him now after this very important issue? Share your comments below.

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