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Marilyn Mosby has just lost another decision! Judge to allow defense access to evidence!

Maryland State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby, who is prosecuting six police officers in the death of Freddie Gray, had wanted a Circuit Court hearing to argue for a protective order barring release of evidence.

That request was denied by Judge Barry Williams on Monday with even scheduling a hearing…now that’s cold.

Judge Barry Williams on Monday rejected Mosby’s request without scheduling a hearing, the Sun reported.

“There simply is no basis in the assertions presented to the court for the broad and extraordinary relief sought in the motion,” the newspaper said, quoting his ruling.

Mosby said she was concerned evidence could be leaked by the defense to support their client’s defense. Does Mosby hear what she is saying? Everyone knew these charges were a joke. Now Mosby is afraid the public will learn that her case is built on sand. This case is over. Mosby needs to find a way out and the only way is to quietly dismiss the charges before you dismiss your career which everyone knew you had aspirations of going higher politically.


Mosby, due to her previous political activism, statements to the media, conflicts of interest, and ethical violations should have resulted in her decision to step down a long time ago. The judge did the right thing by imposing a media blackout that should have been put in place at the beginning.

This case will be very difficult to prosecute because the state will have to prove all of their charges and find a jury that will give a unanimous verdict. The problem will not be after the trial or riots but when these officers file their appeals and then win them due to Mosby’s arrogance, incompetence, and bungling the job.

A trial is set for October.

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