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Marine Veteran Victim of Black Mob….Hate Crime?? by Melissa Snow

There have been many incidents over the past week that are similar to the situation in Ferguson that did not result in riots or protests, but one that I heard about tonight makes me wonder just what the hell is going on in America.

Saturday night a Veteran Marine, Ralph Weems and Air Force Veteran, David Knighten, attempted to enter a Waffle House in West Point, MS. A patron in the parking lot warned Knighten not to go inside because it was predominantly a black crowd and it may not be safe for whites. I have also read other stories that have reported that the group were up-in-arms over the Michael Brown situation. By the time he made it inside Weems was already in an altercation. The cops were called and the two men left. The two men decided to head home, but stopped at a Huddle House that seemed pretty much vacant, only to find that they had been followed by about twenty people from the Waffle House. The chaos escalated and Knighten reportedly tried to diffuse the trouble when a security guard told everyone to leave and go home. As people filed out Knighten found that the door was being blocked and he was prevented from going outside.

When he was finally able to get out the door he found Weems on the ground being kicked and beaten. While racial slurs were yelled they turned on him. Knighten reported on a Facebook post that his injuries were minor, but according to Weems is in a medically induced coma following brain surgery. One would think that this qualifies as a hate crime, but Sheriff Brinkley states “This does not seem to be a hate crime,” he said. “It’s very early in this investigation but thus far the evidence and statements suggest that a verbal altercation turned physical and somebody got hurt.” At this point I have not seen this hit the national news channels in the way Ferguson did. I have not seen any protest in the street demanding justice. What is even more appalling to me is the fact that these two guys were VETERANS! They fought for whites and blacks to enjoy the freedoms of congregating in a Waffle House and having the freedom to even have an opinion. Wow….what gratitude!

News of a white cop shooting an unarmed black man hit the news in a flash. Although I was not there when Michael Brown and Officer Darren Wilson’s path crossed, I do have enough common sense to wait for the facts before vilifying a cop trying to do his job. Facts started slowly slipping out that Michael Brown had just robbed a store before coming across Officer Wilson, and that Officer Wilson sustained serious facial injuries. He didn’t sustain those injuries from a gentle giant who was peacefully putting his hands up. None of these “slow-to-surface” facts made a difference….they still protested, rioted and looted. The screams for “justice” seem to be equated with “crucify him or else”. So if it IS found that this Officer was doing his job and that he had indeed been attacked where does that leave Ferguson? Where does that leave us?

Something is terribly wrong in our nation where wrong is right and right is wrong. Our road is leading to a disastrous destination with our embracing of double-standards and political correctness. These incidents don’t need to be fueled with race-baiters and hate, but handled with common sense and level heads. In this very moment we have more issues and problems than most of our older generations have dealt with……AND WITH VERY LITTLE LEADERSHIP. Our American “prefixes” need to be dropped and we need to look at each other as red-blooded Americans and not African-Americans, Hispanic Americans or White Americans. We need to shut the agitators out and start teaching our children responsibility and accountability so that they may pick up the pieces of what we are now destroying and rebuild this great nation.

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Raising awareness about the hypocritical, politically-correct corruption that is plaguing our nation is very important. It is the responsibility of each and every one of us to make things better for the next generation.

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