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Mary Landrieu Has 18 Days Left As US Senator

The US Senate controlled by Democrats failed to pass a bill to approve the construction of Keystone XL pipeline, a controversial $8 billion pipeline bill that would transport crude oil from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico.
The bill failed short of one vote with 59-41 in favor, 60 ‘ayes’ were need for passage without filibuster. All 45 Republicans voted to support this bill along 14 Democrats joined in support of the pipeline.
Mary Landrieu pushed for reintroducing this legislation to be voted on due to her tough runoff race to keep her current seat. Louisiana is seen to have the largest oil industry jobs and the Keystone pipeline is popular with voters. It passed the House on Friday and the Senate passing would have helped Landrieu in her runoff where latest polls show that she is behind by 19 points  to her Republican opponent Bill Cassidy. A passing could have helped her demonstrate her influence in the Senate for her state in oil and gas industry.
The last few days Landrieu was spent lobbying Democrats support as last hopes of holding on to her Senate seat. Landrieu’s path of victory to pass the Keystone XL bill as well as an attempt to save her Senate seat was dependent on Majority Senate Whip Dick Durbin (D-Illinois), the last liberal member who was seen as a potential “yes” vote voted no at the end.
If passed today, the bill would have probably been vetoed by the President as he spoke against the bill in his last week in his Asia trip. The White House, however didn’t indicate if he would have vetoed if approved.
The bill will now have to wait until next year after January 20th as the Republican Senate have promised to make this bill their first order of business.
Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky), the chosen majority leader next year, issued a statement after the vote about today’s voting and vowing to take up this issue next year.

“Tonight, Senate Democrats once again stood in the way of a shovel-ready jobs project that would help thousands of Americans find work —  a remarkable stance after an election in which the American people sent a clear message to Congress to approve serious policies like the Keystone XL Pipeline and get the Senate working again,” McConnell said. “Unfortunately, many Senate Democrats failed to hear that message. But once the 114th Congress convenes, the Senate will act again on this important legislation, and I look forward to the new Republican majority taking up and passing the Keystone jobs bill early in the New Year.”

Most Americans support the Keystone pipeline. A poll conducted in May found that 65% of Americans agree with the building of the pipeline with only 22% opposing it.

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