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Massive protest by low life anarchists scheduled against Trump in NY today

In New York today, they say they’re going to have 10,000 demonstrators to protest Donald Trump. Heck, that’s a small crowd compared to what Trump Supporters have when he makes an appearance. Wouldn’t it be great if 40,000 Trump supporters showed up ahead of time, filled the area where these folks where going to demonstrate, and thereby forcing them to go elsewhere. Just free speech folks.

As an American, who loves this country above everything, these protesters don’t represent me or my views. They need to stop hiding behind the facade of that as well; the majority of these people are low life anarchist that want to see the United States collapse (I’d be willing to bet that these are the same “people” that protest the G-8 summit or anyone that is for free enterprise.)


They are trying to hijack and interfere with the democratic process in the United States and the Democratic candidates running for office should condemn their actions.

I feel Trump correctly identifies that we have porous borders, a massive illegal alien problem that overwhelmingly is hurting blacks and legal immigrants, and he is called a racist and promoting hate.

Trump wants Americans to do well, and he is called a racist and promoting hate. Trump correctly identifies Rosie O’Donnell for what she is, and he is accused of waging a war on women. However, his actual record of women in his organization puts Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and in fact everyone else to shame on providing opportunities, high pay, and position. But the free lunch crowd is afraid he may make things better, and they might have to work. And I can’t tell you what #BlackLivesMatter is thinking. They support the Democrat party which has done nothing but increases their misery for the past 50 years, Trump has said nothing about blacks. The whole thing is insane.


Following immigration laws that are already on the books, doesn’t translate into “hate.” Speaking off the cuff to women the same way he speaks to men doesn’t translate into “hate.” He just is who he is, rather than trying to cover up and say what the people expect to hear, as other politicians do. I felt a hell of a lot more “hate” coming out of Barack Obama, and I even feel some of that “hate” coming out of Sen. Ted Cruz, both in the form of mockery.

Hillary Clinton will do far more damage than Trump could ever do. Why aren’t there anti-Hillary protests? She’s the most powerful, well-connected, and dominant criminal capable of doing the most harm.

What do you think about this scheduled protest?

Do you think these people have a real agenda or are they just getting paid to make waves? Share your opinion (below) because I want to hear from you.

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