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McConnell Feels Republicans Could Lose Senate Majority; Who Knew They Had One?

I didn’t know we had a majority the way they have been voting along with the Democrats and allowing Barack Obama unfettered access to the money profit.

If the Republican Senate loses the majority, it won’t make any difference. Most people wouldn’t even know the Republicans held the majority since nothing has changed. McConnell has got to go. There is quite a few Republican congressman and senators that should be forcefully retired. They had no regards for the voters who sent them there and believed their ultimate responsibility is to serve Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi.

Unfortunately, Republican congressmen and women and senators will blame Donald Trump. Blame the Republican traitors like the Bushes, John Kasich, Ted Cruz, Mitt Romney and the rest who oppose Trump’s nomination.

From Newsmax:

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell suggested Thursday that Republicans may lose their hold on the upper chamber of Congress in November, Politico reports.

Speaking to a civic group in Louisville, Kentucky, McConnell told his home state listeners “I may or may not be calling the shots next year,” according to the Associated Press.

He didn’t blame GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump for hurting their chances as others have, but he did say that it’s “stating the obvious” that both Trump and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton are not “widely appealing to the American people.” McConnell added that he hopes the New York billionaire “settles down and follows the script.”

The majority leader avoided a question about Trump’s “sarcastic” remark calling President Barack Obama the “founder” of the Islamic State, saying instead: “I’m hoping that we can make this election about Hillary Clinton. I think if we do, we can win.”

If these Republicans think they will survive what happens after the elections, they have another thing coming.

The Republicans have been nonexistent getting the message of real capitalism, conservatism, and limited government while following the Constitution. You’ve allowed a lawless administration to go unchecked.. and it lies at the feet of a feckless Republican establishment.

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