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McKinney pool party teen SHOCKS interviewer! Cop cussed at us, we didn’t have to listen

DISCLAIMER: While watching the video, make sure you check out the attitudes of the interviewees.

Appearing with her godfather on “Hannity” Tuesday, a girl who attended Friday’s pool party where a police officer drew his weapon on a group of teenagers in McKinney, Texas, tried to excuse the behavior of the teens in the video.

“He started cussing at us first,” Ladariene McKever told Hannity. “No one’s going to listen to him if [he’s] calling us names for no reason.”

If you ask me the video shows that the cop was no doubt in the right. The cops were way out numbered the kids were taunting him running up on him from every direction the only way he had to stop them was to draw his gun. He may have been a bit rough with the girl but they ain’t showing what happened before the video started and if what happened before the video is ANYTHING like what happened during the video he was totally justified in what he did.

Its not about disobeying the police. Its about trespassing, making threats, and initiating acts of violence against those they trespassed.

Its about the mob of trespassers that think they can do whatever they want threatening and violating the individual rights of others without consequence. And the refusal of everyone, even Fox, to identify the fundamental issue and hold people to account.

What do you think about this interview and their excuses? Add your comments below.

H/T – Fox News Video

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