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MD Republican activist creates 2020 fund raising committee for Kanye West; “His first big single was ‘Jesus Walks”

Sunday night, Kanye West “announced” at the MTV Video Music Awards that he would “run” for president in 2020 to the cheers of the crowd. Today, Eugene Craig III, 24, chairman of the national Young Minority Republicans Fund filed paperwork to launch “Ready for Kanye.

What do you think about that? Is he serious?

Craig told The Washington Post that he would encourage West to run if there’s no incumbent Republican in the White House.

“I think he will bring an interesting dialogue to our party, and he’ll find a lot of people who want that dialogue,” Craig told the Washington Post.

“He’s pointed out the crippling racial disparities in the law and the economy. He’s talked about the pipeline of private prisons. He’s a genuine entrepreneur. Oh, not to mention that his first big single was ‘Jesus Walks.'”

Craig is active in Maryland’s Republican Party. But is Kanye even a Republican?

As far as Mr. Craig’s view on Kanye West’s political leanings, he insisted that his PAC was different, and would be “gathering data, gathering info” on people inspired to follow West — whatever party he joined, whether or not he ran.

“He’s been critical of President Bush; he’s been critical of President Obama,” said Craig. “You know, we’ll find out when we reach out.”

For the record, West himself has not yet filed any official paperwork to advance his campaign, but the election he’s aiming for is still more than five years away.


What do you think or shall we say how do you feel about Craig filing this paperwork? Is it a stunt? Add your comments below. Let us know what you think!

H/T – Washington Post

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