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Mean Old Dude George Will belittles Carson’s attempt to win nomination

Poor George Will. He still thinks we live in an age where his views are considered cutting edge Conservatism and these young whippersnappers in that damn Tea Party are ruining his brilliant analogies between politics and baseball.

He’s the GOPe version of Killary, still trying to understand why the phone needs to be hung up when expecting a fax.

“[T]here’s a way of polling where you put a well-known person against a fictitious name and you find the base vote against that person, and I think not to disparage Ben Carson — that’s part of it here — Carson is a placeholder for anybody but Hillary and that’s the anybody but Hillary vote,” Will said.

George Will really needs time to himself! What he did to Carson is unacceptable Click to Tweet

Watch Will show his stupidness here:

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