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Media Doesn’t know Pulse of People in Ohio – Romney’s Crowds Are 2008 Obama Size

The PPP poll showing 3:1 Obama in early voting is a joke of bad statistics. According to OH themselves, only about 3.25% of registered voters have voted absentee already, not 20%. Since Democrats are running only 5% ahead of Republicans on absentee requests, the chances those votes are 3:1 Obama are pretty much zero.

Plus, the PPP Poll is already a small sample. When you get into micro-subsamples of people who have already voted absentee, the margin-of-error grows so large as to be utterly unreliable.


Jeff Zeleny from The New York Times told Chris Wallace on FOX News Sunday,

“I spent five days in Ohio this week. And one thing I was struck by was just the enthusiasm on the Republican side. The crowds that Governor Romney was getting I would describe as Obama sized crowds from 2008. Some 10,000 people, day after day after day at rallies at county fairgrounds. And these people that I spoke to were not as intent on defeating the president, which they are. But they were saying in the affirmative that they want to elect Mitt Romney.”

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