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Meet Bruce Rauner, GOP Candidate For Illinois Governor

Illinois continues to face many problems, including high unemployment, a lack of job creation, one of the worst credit ratings in the Midwest, and generations of corruption under our politicians. This is why I feel privileged to work with the GOP candidate, Bruce Rauner, and his campaign for Illinois governor and working with many others to turn this state around.

This is a little bit of what Governor Pat Quinn’s Illinois looks like: In a 9 month period from August 2013 to May 2014, Illinois Policy Institute discovered that Illinois only created 500 private sector jobs, by far the worst in the Midwest and the second worst in the nation. That is an average of about 2 private sector jobs per day.

The unemployment also stands at 7.5%, which is poor compared to other states at 3, 4, or 5% unemployment. Property taxes are out of control, and Rahm Emanuel has speculated about doubling those taxes in Chicago to pay for our current pension crisis.

It is no wonder that these are some of the reasons why people are fleeing from Illinois and have the second highest percentage of migrants moving out of Illinois.

These atrocious numbers make up Pat Quinn’s Illinois. Not only did former governors George Ryan and Rod Blagojevich get sent to prison for corruption, but Quinn is currently under federal investigation for money used in an anti-violence program that was supposedly being used as a slush fund during the 2010 gubernatorial race.

This is not the Illinois Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan witnessed, and it is not an Illinois the citizens want either. We have a fighting chance to turn this state around with the help of electing Bruce Rauner this November. Unlike a career politician like Quinn, Rauner has worked as a businessman in the private sector for over 30 years and wants to bring his experience to Springfield.

Parts of Rauner’s agenda include repealing the Pat Quinn and Michael Madigan’s 67% income tax hike, creating jobs and businesses, and pension reform. Illinois is dead broke, and this November, voters must choose between Pat Quinn or Bruce Rauner. From his private sector experience, compared to Quinn’s zero experience, I have the utmost confidence in Bruce.

You can check out more about Bruce’s campaign website at Regardless whether you know of anyone who can help out with the Rauner campaign, just spreading the message and name recognition is vital to helping Bruce win in November. The more the voters know about Bruce, I feel the better we are for November. This is also one of the most looked upon elections nationwide for the midterms and hopefully afterward, Bruce Rauner will be called Governor Bruce Rauner.

About Mitch Behna

Mitch Behna is a Tea Party Conservative and is currently an editor and writer/contributor for Wayne Dupree.

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