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Megyn Kelly destroys lady who says “open season on white people”

A woman whose court appearance video where she learned she was being charged for terroristic threats and criminal solicitation went viral is making the social media circuit again.

This time, it’s for a tense exchange with Fox News host Megyn Kelly.

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Latausha Nedd, in a Youtube video, called for a war on white people, saying it was “open season on crackers.” She also attempted to incite violence against police officers in Georgia.

Nedd recently appeared on The Kelly File.

Kelly: “How do you feel about white people?”

Nedd: “I don’t hate white people, if that’s what you’re asking me. I don’t hate white people. I hate injustice, and I hate corruption, and I feel that the systematic killing of black people has to be addressed.”

Kelly: Asks about Nedd’s use of the word ‘cracker’.

Nedd: “The etymology of the word cracker comes from slavery when field slaves would notify each other when the overseer was coming. The sound of the crack of the whip, that’s where it comes from. Now, if I’m being called a n****r, and no one seems to have a problem with that, when I use the word cracker, now I become a terrorist?”

Nedd’s attorney then clarified that many of her statements were directed at a group of hackers who gained access to Nedd’s Google account, stole videos she had created, and edited them before releasing them. The attorney then said that Kelly would have responded the same way.

However, Kelly quickly, and aggressively, rebuffed that claim, saying, “A lot of people who are watching this say if that happened, if somebody hacked into my Google chat and started saying nasty things about me, I would not respond by using the terms ‘cracker’ and ‘it’s open season’ and all the stuff we went through, pointing the gun at the camera, finger on the trigger.”

h/t – Michael Hausam

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