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Megyn Kelly SLAMS undocumented Jose Vargas “the law is the law”

Megyn Kelly, TV Host of The Kelly File, and well-known journalist and undocumented immigrant Jose Antonio Vargas battled Monday on “sanctuary cities” and the recent murder of Kate Steinle at the hands of an illegal immigrant.

Vargas, who was the central subject of CNN’s “Undocumented” documentary, argued the main issue in the murder of Steinle at the hands of an illegal Mexican immigrant was Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) not issuing a warrant for murderer Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez.

Steinle was randomly shot to death in San Francisco by Lopez-Sanchez, who was deported five times and held by police under drug charges but released on March 26 when charges were dropped.

“The law is the law, and fidelity to the law is what binds us together as a country, and failure to do so has real consequences like Kate Steinle and her family just learned,” Kelly said.

Its hard to defend an indefensible policy. Vargas should have been arrested and deported even before this interview. What is the problem with ICE? Why is this guy even allowed to be in the country flaunting his undocumented status?

Watch the exchange here:

What do you think of Vargas’ argument? He skirted around “the law” for his own interpretation and Kelly set him straight by reading the law. Share your comments below.

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