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Megyn Kelly with Stephanopoulos: Trump made me the story; I didn’t want to be the story

Megyn Kelly appeared on ABC’s Good Morning America Friday, telling host George Stephanopoulos how GOP frontrunner made her story when she just wanted to cover the debate as all news reporters aspire to do.

Let’s be honest, Trump and Kelly were both partially responsible for what happened at the 1st GOP Debate and what happened afterward.

Kelly brought up issues she thought would make a name for herself in the public eye while Trump continued to go after her for months after the debate was done.

A “debate” poses the same question to each participant so you can discern different positions of the candidates. A “debate” is not a cutting interview. The questions she posed to Trump (as well as questions posed to other candidates) were great for reality TV.

If someone wants to bring up Trump’s belittlement of women, let one of the other candidates do it.

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Well then, why continue to go after him for months when you returned from your two week sabbatical? Do you believe her after watching this interview?

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