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Merah Terror Saga: All in the Family

imageThe Mohamed Merah affair did not end in his fiery death during a stand off at his Toulouse, France apartment in 2012; after having killed two French Soldiers and a Jewish Rabbi under the influence of Al Qaeda, as a sort of prelude to Charlie type terror. Initially French authorities had been searching for right wing extremists, and had not made the link with Merah who had been already under surveillance by French intelligence – after he had been blacklisted by US forces who had encountered him in Afghanistan.

One of his main mentors, aside from others in Al Qaeda in the tribal lands of Pakistan, was a French-Syrian strategist-guru Olivier Corel who had an anti-American slant (read pro-Russian or Chinese forms of islam). The sister Souad Merah at the time had also been indoctrinated, allegedly all of them introduced by big brother Abdelkader to Olivier Corel. She has vehemently expressed support for her dead brother. Another brother Abdelghani Merah was disowned after condemning the family for abusing the little brother and influencing him into terror acts.

imageUntil recently Souad’s whereabouts had been lost but she has surfaced in Algeria. According to French papers she also was suspected of doing a jihad girl stint in Syria in between. She claims to not like the conditions of living in Toulouse, a strange claim given that she was getting French welfare and housing there to the tune of $2500 a month.

Her first husband was a drug dealer and her second husband is jihadist Abdelouahed El Baghdadi, arrested last September when coming back from Turkey fighting for ISIS, allegedly disillusioned, along with a couple of friends of the family. One of the half brothers of Merah is infamous for his  video introducing a young boy into execution of spies.

The man on the right of ISIS's latest horrific video  has been identified as Sabri Essid, Merah's half brother. French-terrorist-ISIS-video-half-brother-Tolousse-terrorist-woman-took-baby-join-Islamic-State.html#ixzz3bxFUbXWN
The man on the right of ISIS’s latest horrific video
has been identified as Sabri Essid, Merah’s half brother.

What a family! The way terrorist paramilitary families develop is solely staked around the doctrine of Islam; marriages are done between “holy” warrior types; biological brothers not joining are disowned. And with the abortion and emasculation culture out West, it is not like we can raise the disowned children to the type of good manhood young men seek after. What if they were wearing foreign enemy military uniforms wheeling on about this way? Would we just question them and let them walk around like this?

Tell us if authorities should act more decisively when encountering terrorists instead of watching them develop. Are we serious about destroying radical islamic methods and blood fund raising networks as we were serious in deNazifying Germany? We have not even started.

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