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Michelle Fields Jets From Interview When Caught In A Lie About Her Book – WATCH!

This wasn’t about damaging Michelle Fields reputation because she did that to herself.

Steve Malzberg, host of his show on Newsmax TV, interviewed Fields and was very forward in asking her questions about a tweet she put out making fun of Corey Lewandowski’s release from the Trump campaign. Everybody that is anybody who is in watching Fields talk about the incident that happened between her and Trump’s for campaign manager has questions about what she is doing and who is it benefiting.

The way I look at it is Malzberg brought up issues about her actions. She is the one that treated after Lewandowski lost his job attempting to be funny or sarcastic. She also lied about the incident where she initially said she was almost pulled down to the ground in the Lewandowski incident. No matter how people want to spend that’s what she said, and she and her friends decided to rewrite what she had initially said because it painted her in a bad light.

Then she put it in her book for someone put it in her book as evidence of the screenshot below and she sat on this interview and said it wasn’t in her book. You can get mad at the interviewer for asking questions, but I think the teaching got too hot for Fields.

Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 7.15.01 AM

Watch the interview here:

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