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Michelle Malkin Presents New Documentary at CPAC 2015

Michelle Malkin made her first appearance at CPAC since 2003 this year, and she came to promote her new documentary, Rocky Mountain Heist.

The film gives the argument that a plan was put into action, part agenda/part social experiment, to systematically convert a traditionally red state into a blue, progressive vote dairy. It involved the funding of a few extremely wealthy donors, the planning of community organizers, and an army of ground troop social justice warriors.

Before the Colorado GOP knew what had happened, they were surrounded and outgunned by a giant political machine that steamrolled the entire state. Small, local elected officials, the kind most people ignore on the ballot because they have no idea who they are, were getting blasted by negative ad campaigns with big dollars that they had no hope to counter because they were minor local officials decided in elections that usually don’t have televised ads or fundraising.

The plan was a blueprint for how to convert enemy strongholds into bastions of progressivism, that even if reversed leave lasting effects on the state infrastructure. The goal, if successful in the petri dish of Colorado, was to then farm out the blueprint to other states. The ultimate objective is to target Texas, which would turn the United States effectively into a one-party nation.

You can watch Michelle’s remarks prior to the film’s presentation below:

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