Mike Brown’s Stepfather part of Bloods gang – is it relevant?

10833675_10203332007524416_1202472447_nLet me start this off by saying that I believe in the truth always having its day. This simple, yet powerful statement is music to the ears of those of us who yearn for what is right and just in any and every situation. When you are an adherent to such a belief, you may find yourself at odds with those who may not espouse the same belief system.

Character is often the ultimate measure of a man. It speaks to who you are, what you are about, what you may have an affinity or propensity for. Such is the case, according to recent reports, as it relates to Michael Brown’s stepfather, Louis Head, who has been tied to the reputed “Bloods” street gang.

This little tidbit hasn’t been getting any traction in the mainstream media as of late, even though it could help to speak to the character of the stepson that lived under his roof.

Some would say that Head’s affiliation with the Bloods has nothing to do with what transpired that fateful day last summer between Brown and Officer Darren Wilson. To the contrary, I believe it bears more weight than not given the circumstances. I’ll expound on this for a moment.

Louis Head was and still may be affiliated with the Bloods street gang. His stepson, Michael Brown, who lived under his own roof, has been viewed in various photographs flashing gang signs representing the Bloods. Now I don’t know about you, but that by itself is at least noteworthy, don’t you think? What are the odds of these two, living under the same roof, being affiliated in one way or the other with the SAME gang? This would have to in the very least be taken into consideration as to what this young man’s mindset could have been when, as the evidence presented to the grand jury showed, he charged toward an armed law enforcement officer.

Consider this for a moment. If it had been discovered that Officer Wilson, or anyone else in his family for that matter, was affiliated with any sort of white supremacist group, it would’ve been plastered all over every form of news and social media in a New York minute. It would’ve been played up as to why he would open fire on an “unarmed black” teenager in the middle of the street.

So ask yourself this one question: Why is the reporting of the facts considered immaterial in one instance, but “newsworthy” in the other?

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