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Military Court Martials: Secular Popes vs. Obedient Generals


Lord knows many lewd behaviors in the military are handled outside Court Martial,  thus thankfully the Air Force is not going to court martial Gen. Craig Olson for speaking of God. Obviously he did not declare a Pope for the military, he simply expressed his obedient submission to higher powers and how these powers helped him open his eyes to solve problems unknown to all in uncharted territory using faith and courage.

When war crimes happen, a soldier, invoking higher powers, can put an officer under arrest. So what is wrong with reminding all soldiers that they must obey a higher “rank”? For example, should they tolerate lower rank abuse, destroying mission fighting power? It then would seem that martial courts would be court martialed out of existence – liberal consciousness objection out.

Hypocritical is that the military has official secular guidelines on dealing with personal challenges. Yes, there is a Pope in the US Army, and his “Name” is  Boris Cyrulnik. Few in the military know about this French Jewish psychiatrist who as child was rescued by communists during WWII – hiding after losing his parents to Nazis and their blank check that militarized socialism gives evil leaders in society, ie. no higher powers. However you will hear extensively on Boris’ works under Resilience in the Military.

It is a system based on stories of how children survive abuse and other horrific conditions, and how they overcame. It is not based on higher powers per say, but on personal resources. Nevertheless, whenever an officer deploys troops, he deploys Resilience as readily as MREs thanks to the hard work of Resilient soldiers. Resilience is instinct development, but a form of self-religious like service nevertheless.

The General used resilience, but it involved wrong gods according to liberals who have no clue about survival, spitting on soldiers instead of learning from them. Olson was outed for surviving despite lack of leadership guidance – accused of denouncing or inflating the unchartedness of his mission.

Tell us what you think of Resilience.



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