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Military veteran placed this sign on his business and these 3 words will make Muslims furious!

Jeff Seitz, the owner of “The Other Place,” bleeds red, white, and blue, as a veteran who once fought for this country. Good for Seitz – he’s not afraid to stand up and say what the majority of Americans think. if our president could handle more than a Shirley Temple, more would be done about these Terrorists – – oops, we’re not supposed to call them what they are….it might offend their precious little feelings.

Death to Islam

After the 9/11 terror attacks, Seitz didn’t mince words about what he thinks of Muslims, with some simple signage that said “Death to Islam.” One such sign appeared in a front window of the bar, plus a couple of others throughout the business. Even though they’ve been posted since 2001, someone, who was looking for something complain about, posted it to Facebook and said it’s hateful, Fox 43 reported.

Local Muslim chaplain Rick Ramos came out of the woodwork to offer his two cents on the signs, telling Seitz and other alleged bigots like him to accept the fact that Muslims and Islam are here to stay, and nobody should expect them to go away…ever.

“What him and his supporters need to note is the same Constitution that guarantees him the right to the freedom of speech, also guarantees Americans the right to the freedom of religion,” Ramos announced about the issue. “To try to just think that somehow, Islam is going to disappear or that there will be the death of Islam is just unreasonable. I think that Muslims and Islam are now a permanent part of the American landscape and I don’t think that’s going to change.”

Just because our current president welcomes Islam with open arms and sets a place for them at the table, doesn’t mean real Americans have to stand by and accept it. This bar owner has the right to say what he wants about people who have proven to hate everything the U.S. represents. Muslims beheading infidels are far more hateful and bigoted than a piece of paper that calls for the death of the religion that commands it.

Tell us what you think about this business owners practice. Do you support him or should he take it down? Drop us your comment below and share this on twitter and facebook.


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