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Millionaire Floyd Mayweather SLAMS America – “At the end of the day, they still look at me as a ni**er”

Floyd Mayweather is 37 years old, shouldn’t he be more mature?

Isn’t it about time to start learning and having an more mature way of seeing things at 37? I see more mature people who are in they 20’s. Not had life changing events? You don’t need life changing events to become an respectful, humble human being. And how do you know if he is ever going to learn from a life changing event? A lot of people never learn or change. I can’t speculate and make an assumption that he eventually is going to have an event that is going to change him and that’s why I or anybody should like him now. And who even knows if he is ever going to have an event or who knows that even if he has one that he is going to learn anything from it and change? Or you can even ask, that maybe he has already had one but he didn’t learn anything from it. Who Knows? He is who he is right now and hopefully for his sake he changes.

Because for the moment how he behaves, he is just an ignorant disrespectful human being who not many people like. But at the end of the day it doesn’t affect my life, he makes his choices and he is the one who has to live with them and I make mine and I live with them.

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