Millward Brown Digital – 99.6% percent of visitors to online health insurance exchanges failed to purchase insurance during first week

According to Millward Brown Digital, a service charged with providing “visibility around consumer activity on the various healthcare exchanges,” 11.3 million potential consumers visited state and federal exchanges during the first week of the Affordable Care Act’s implementation.

“Among the visitors to, 5.7 million (or 60% of total visitors to the site) navigated to the individual marketplace landing page where, after selecting their state, they were either directed to continue using the federal site or were redirected to their state-run exchange,” Pace writes. “From here 1.3 million left for their state-run exchange, while another 3.7 million attempted to register on”

Much reporting has focused on this stage of the process, when most users were unable to progress to the next stage in the process. “In the end, just 36,000 consumers, or 1% of all those who attempted to register for the federal exchange, successfully enrolled in Obamacare,” Pace writes.

Pace notes that, while the first week was frustrating for ACA supporters, one tough week does not indicate a trend. A revamping of the website and the individual mandate for individuals to have health insurance will likely increase the number of enrollees as the week’s progress.

h/t Millward Brown Digital

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